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Falcon Hybrid Solutions was founded in 2010 by Mark Sokol as Prius Rebuilders.

As an electrical engineering student and avid hobbyist, studying and experimenting with Hybrid Automotive Technology was the beginning of filling a need for many people with hybrid vehicles. Beginning with a small basement shop and growing rapidly to a full-fledged production lab, Falcon Hybrid has become the largest reconditioning and rebuilding plant of Hybrid Drive Batteries in the USA. All of the technology and processes used in our rebuild and reconditioning of the batteries has been developed and perfected here at our lab, including much of our test equipment.

Initially, our business focused only on the battery for the Toyota Prius which was the most popular hybrid car in the USA, and perhaps still is. We have grown very quickly and battery demand for many other models is now being addressed. We have launched the Falcon Hybrid Solutions brand name to reflect our newly expanded battery product line.

We now operate in a brand new facility at 73 Wagaraw in Hawthorne, NJ in a 3000 SF workshop and 20,000 SF warehouse to accommodate our inventory and employees.

Meet our Staff.

Mark Sokol

Mark is the Founder and Chief Technical Guru here at Falcon Hybrid. The systems in place that produce our outstanding products are the result of his extensive expertise and technical wizardry that stem from his days as an electrical engineering student and avid electronics hobbyist. On a typical day, you might find Mark in the shop experimenting with a new production process or new piece of test equipment in a never-ending quest for excellence. He also has a keen interest in anti-gravity and field propulsion technologies.


Marlon runs our battery reconditioning station. He is responsible for the process of bringing our cell modules up to their maximum capacity and matching them for inclusion in rebuild packs. Edi is also general manager of the lab.


Chris is our testing station manager. Assembled packs are tested under various load conditions to verify their overall performance as a pack, for quality control approval.


Marcus is responsible for packing and shipment. Crates are custom-built for each type of battery to assure secure delivery and handling. The crating process involves high-strength construction-grade lumber, with high-density foam, and non-skid automotive rubber bumpers to assure the battery sits securely in the crate. High-tension ratchet straps secure it in place and assure it doesn’t move during transit.


Heris runs the assembly process. Each battery is built from scratch, using an empty battery housing. Cells are chosen based on the customers order and matched closely based on performance ratings. A Battery built with all the cell modules having similar performance ratings is crucial to the packs overall performance. The cell modules and then assembled into the pack with careful consideration to the order. The bus-bars that connect the cell modules all are completely refurbished and nickel-plated and carefully installed using proprietary methods to assure they maintain a solid connection for the life of the pack.


Jason is responsible for quality control. Each step of the process needs careful oversight to assure that even the smallest variance isn’t overlooked that might cause a problem years down the line. Having a battery that is built with a team like ours and the oversight of a quality control manager is the only way one can be sure they are making a good purchase decision. Beware of battery sellers that are simply one-man operators buying junk-yard batteries and replacing a cell or two. Our product cannot be compared to such sellers.


Abe is our customer relations manager. Having extensive technical knowledge as well, Abe is able to speak with customers intelligently about their battery needs and help with many technical issues as well. Abe handles most of the email and phone inquiries as well as manage the two active websites we have running.

Falcon Hybrid Solutions has developed an advance system of refurbishing and rebuilding hybrid batteries. Every battery we create is completely rebuilt with cell modules that have undergone an extensive reconditioning and testing process.

Once the cell modules are ready, we carefully choose a group of modules that have matching ratings to assure the pack will perform in unison. The pack is then carefully assembled with our refurbished bus bars that have been nickel plated for extra corrosion resistance. The assembled pack then undergoes additional testing for performance. Once it is complete, all connections are tested again for proper tension and the case is sealed.

We then pack it in our custom built crate which is designed to protect the battery in transit. Our complete product arrives ready to install without any programming.

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