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01-03 Prius Hybrid Battery Removal

This section will show you how to remove the Prius Hybrid Battery from a 2001-2003 prius for rebuilding or replacing. The Prius Hybrid battery is located just behind the rear seat in the trunk. For access to the battery the bottom and back of the rear seat must be removed along with the trunk interior fabric.

    To do this you will need:
  • 10mm and 12mm ratchet
  • Trim removal tool (long nose pliers can substitute)
  • 2 people recommended
  • Work glove (recommended)

    Step 1

  • Remove the keys from the car and keep them in a safe location. If you have a remote starter keep it out of range.
  • Remove the seat bottom by pulling up the front edge of the cushion and the seat separates from two cleats.
  • Pull the seat cushion forward and push the seat belt buckles down and the bottom is free.
  • Remove the seat back cushion by first locating 12mm bolts at the lower corners visible now that the bottom has been removed.
  • With the bolts out push upwards and the back will separate from the three cleats at the top.

    Step 2

  • You will now have a view of that looks like this with the Hybrid Battery barely visible.
  • Behind the seat is a black plastic partition held in place with plastic hold downs and two metal bars with 10mm bolts top and bottom.
  • Remove the bolts and the bars come away. Use a trim tool to remove the plastic hold downs. The partition can then be removed with clear access now to the trunk.

    Step 3

  • You should now have an unobstructed view of the front of the Prius Hybrid Battery assy.
  • Now in the trunk remove the trunk floor carpet covering the spare tire.
  • Remove the plastic protector covering the trunk lid hinge. There are four hold downs keeping it in place.
  • Using the trim tool remove all of the fabric from the trunk.
  • At this point the 12V battery become visible.
  • Disconnect the negative ground wire from the 12 volt battery.
  • Remove the orange service plug on the Left side of the Hybrid battery and put it in a safe place. The electrical system in the car is now totally disconnected so there is no danger in proceeding with removal.

    Step 4

  • Remove the 12mm bolts that are securing the battery to the car. (note that the right most bolt is black and longer then the other bolts)
  • It is not necessary to remove the 12mm that are holding the battery together.
  • Remove the three 10mm bolts on the plate covering the HV Power lines and remove the plate.
  • Remove the HV power lines by unscrewing the 10mm. Note: there shouldn't be any charge on these lines but for safety use gloves while removing the power lines.
  • Remove the 12mm bolts holding in the brackets on both end of the battery.
  • Remove the 10mm bolts holding down the fan ducts on both sides.
  • Move the fan ducts out of the way to avoid damaging them.

    Step 5

  • From the trunk remove the cables that attach the battery to the car.
  • Remove the three 12mm as shown.

    Step 6

  • The Hybrid Battery should now be lose and ready for removal.
  • Using a pry bar (not necessary) slowly lift it up.
  • It will take two people to remove this battery from the car. it can either go out the door or out the trunk.

Generation 2 Installation Instructions

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