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Q. What is your re-manufacturing process?

A. We use state of the art computerized testing software along with our own custom made hardware to test hundreds of cells individually. They are given a score based on their Capacity x Resistance and C rating. Cells that score within an except-able range of each other are placed in the same pack. This insures that the cells are properly balanced. We also clean all corrosion from the Bus-Bars (copper tabs that connect all the cells together) using a chemical and mechanical process. We then place a protective paste on the Bus-Bars to insure the electrical integrity of the circuit. this process takes about 20 hours per Battery.

Q. What does Balanced mean?

A. First off, balanced does NOT mean that all of the cells have the same voltage (IE.. charging those with low voltage). The cells in a healthy pack will always vary slightly within an except-able range. Balanced means starting with hundreds of cells and finding matching packs of 38 that score similarly on a Capacity x Resistance x C rating test.

Q. How do you ship these batteries?

A. We ship our batteries in a re-usable specially made pallet via UPS Ground.Shipping is between $180 and $270 round trip within the US 48. This price includes a pre-paid return label to ship the core back with.


Q. I don't want to install the battery, can you install it for me?

A. If you bring the car to our Ridgefield NJ shop we can install it for an additional $200. If you don't live close by we have installers throughout the US that can install it for you.... call for details.

Q. Do I have to pay a core charge? how does that work?

A. As all of our sales are for replacement only. we charge a $400 refundable core charge when we ship a battery without receiving a core first. If you were to send us your battery first this would not be necessary. All core charges are refunded back via pay-pal upon receipt of your core.

Q. Why do you want my old battery?

A. We need your old batteries parts to build packs for future clients. If you want to keep your old battery you will need to pay a $400 core charge.

CLICK HERE for Free instructions to remove the HV Hybrid Battery from you Prius.

Q. How long does it take to remove the Prius HV Battery

For an average DIY'er it should take about an hour and a half to get the battery out.All you need is a 10mm and 12mm ratchet! We have FREE INSTRUCTIONS for removing the Hybrid battery from your Prius CLICK HERE

Q. My car can't be driven, can you come to me and replace my battery?

A. Yes, we can repair your car in your driveway (weather and distance permitting) at a significant savings compared to calling a tow truck. call for details

Q. How do I know that my battery is failing?

A. We always suggest getting your car diagnosed at a dealer or competent mechanic. When the battery fails several lights will turn on on the dashboard. you will normally see a red triangle and turtle light. Also the engine will be working more then usual and the battery-cooling fan will be running at high speed constantly. he battery SOC indicator may go from full bars to one and back again rapidly. The car may also not go into reverse. In a catastrophic failure the car may not start all-together (although this may have a range of other causes). The car computer will let of a range of codes all relating to the battery p3000,p3006 and p3011-p3029 are the more common ones.

Q. What is the warranty on your re-manufactured batteries?

A. Our warranty covers the repair or replacement of your battery in our Ridgefield NJ facility for the time specified for that specific model. We also may offer to ship out a specific part if you want to replace it on your own. This warranty does not cover shipping of the battery to and from our location unless noted otherwise in the description. check each description for more information.

Q. Are these batteries as good as a new pack from the dealer?

A. generation Prius battery, which is more durable then the gen 1 cells offered by Toyota. Our 01-03 re-build using gen 1 cells are thoroughly tested to meet at least 80% of their original capacity.

Q. I would like to buy a working Prius.Does your company sell complete cars?

A. We have several Prius's in stock for sale. These cars all come with our standard 12 month warranty on the battery.

Click on the HYBRID VEHICLES page for more information.

Q. How can I pay for My Prius Hybrid Battery?

A. PayPal is our preferred method of payment for shipments. For pickups we prefer cash.

Q. I have an extra Prius Battery that I don't need, would you buy it?

A. Yes!!! We offer top dollar for your battery even if you haven't bought a replacement from us. We even pick up!!!
Give us a call for more information @ 845-367-2091

Q. I don't want to fix my Prius, would you be interested in buying it as is?

A. Yes!!! We would offer top dollar for your broken Prius.
Give us a call for more information @ 845-367-2091

Q. Do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska?

A. Yes!!! we can ship our batteries as rebuild kits in 3-4 USPS flat rate boxes. shipping is about $150 round trip.

These kits requires you to open up you old battery and remove all the cells and replace them with ours. Alternatively shipping a complete battery in one piece is $800 round trip. As of 3-31-13 we have sold 4 batteries to Hawaii and 1 to Alaska. People out there are very friendly and may be able to help you with installation if you happen to live nearby.

Q. How long will it take me to receive my battery?

A. Refer to the Map below for approximate delivery times. All orders placed after 2:30 pm EST will ship out the next Business day.

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